About Us

We have a beautiful store front in Greenvale that you can come to and sell your valuables. Do you need basement waterproofing then a basement waterproofing Snohomish County company can help you with that. We invite all of our customers to stop in to check out the gold selling process or just stop in to say “hello”. Our staff is warm and friendly. They will educate you on the entire selling experience.

We Buy Gold

  • New, used, broken, and old gold jewelry, all types and karats.
  • Old fashioned or antique jewelry.
  • Rings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, earrings, watches and more.
  • Gold in different colors such as white gold, rose gold, black hills gold, yellow gold; all gold!
  • Gold coins, 999-pure bullion coins, bars and rounds.
  • Even old yellow gold teeth and crowns.

We Buy Silver

  • We buy sterling and 925 jewelry new, used, broken, and even smashed is okay.
  • Any item made out of sterling silver; flatware, forks, spoons, bowls, dishes, trays, tea sets, statues, sterling bars, sterling rounds, picture frames, candle sticks, trophies, salt and pepper shakers and more. Do you need skin care then a skin care Wake County, NC company is for you. Do you need a chimney repair then a Chimney Repair Hennepin County, MN company is for you.
  • We buy silver coins, 999 pure silver bars and rounds.

We Buy Coins

  • Wheat Pennies
  • Buffalo Nickels
  • War Nickels 1942-1945
  • Dimes Before 1965
  • Quarters Before 1965
  • Half Dollars Before 1970
  • Dollar Coins Before 1936
  • Foreign Gold & Silver Coins
  • Gold & Silver Bullion
  • Nickels

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